The role of a training instructor in Steel Sim VR.

One of the three major elements within Steel Sim VR is the training instructor dashboard. An advanced training management program in a simple user interface.

Real-time view

When a company is using Steel Sim VR, there is an operator (student) operating the Virtual Reality crane and the training instructor uses the Steel Sim VR instructor dashboard. With this dashboard at his side, the instructor can follow the operators progress through a real-time video feed from the student’s headset. The VR simulator also gives feedback regarding the operator’s flightpath, collisions and way of driving. This data is visible within the dashboard so the instructor gains insights about the student’s actions, while driving the crane.

Emergency training

Just like within the aviation industry, training emergency scenario’s should be a foregone conclusion for crane operator training in the steel industry. With Steel Sim VR we create multiple training scenario’s where the instructor has the possibility to intervein during a training. He could for example, apply a ladle breakout while a student is driving with a full hot metal ladle. This way of intervening makes every training personal and engaging.

Data reports

One of the big advantages of Steel Sim VR, and digital training methods in general, is the possibility to save and (re)view training data. The progress and training data of every operator is saved and can be viewed in a visual report or uploaded in the Learning Management System you already use. This data can provide significant intel over time. Not only to improve training per operator, but also to accelerate the process entirely.

Training scenario’s within Steel Sim VR are configured to your crane operating situation and learning objectives. Any questions about Steel Sim VR? Please use our chat or e-mail us at