Practice Emergency Operations with Steel Sim VR

Practice Emergency Operations with Steel Sim VR

An obvious reason for training crane operators in the steel industry is to avoid accidents. But have crane drivers at your worksite ever experienced a ladle breakout? Most of the time, the answer is no. But they do occur ones in a while, and you want your crane operators to be ready. Until recently, training these emergency scenario’s was impossible. Now, with the use of Steel Sim VR, you can practice emergency operations.

Transform bad habits into trained muscle memory

One other reason for training and also repeated training sessions for skilled crane operators, is to minimize bad habits. Skilled crane operators have learned to operate quickly and safely. But an experienced crane operator could cost the steel plant money, because bad habits cause unnecessary damage on the crane and increase the chance of accidents. Damage on engines and equipment for example. A training center from an steel industry leader, calculated the millions of euro’s of damage to equipment over ten years. By preventing just five percent of the accidents, they could have invested in multiple simulators.

Better crane operators

There is no danger or damage in having a simulated accident. Crane operators can practice as much as they want. And gain muscle memory for uncommon or dangerous operations and train them multiple times without fear of expensive accidents. Training with Steel Sim VR can improve the student’s skill and confidence in the early part of training. They become safer crane operators in addition to being faster.

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