Augmented Reality for websites (WebAR)

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No app but AR

Augmented Reality without hassle

Experiencing Augmented Reality, but without downloading app. That sounds like music to your ears, right? We can also create Augmented Reality experiences that the user can view via a website on his or her phone. For this we use the well-known browsers such as Safari, Firefox and Chrome. This means that the user doesn't have to download an app at all. Would you like to know more about how we make an AR app for the browser? Please let us know, we are happy to help.


AR example for the web

AR Portal

A tangible example of the power of AR through your browser is the Portal. With your smartphone you scan a QR code or are linked to the Web AR page via a mobile campaign. Your smartphone then opens its camera in the browser and the portal comes into view. Step through the portal and discover another world. Would you like to know more or see a free demo? Feel free to contact us.



More about Web AR

What is Web AR?

Web AR is a term that stands for experiencing Augmented Reality through your internet browser on your smartphone. During such an online experience, your smartphone opens the camera function inside the browser. You can then see your own environment through the camera containing the relevant AR experience.

Which browsers is Web AR suitable for?

Almost every modern mobile browser is suitable. For iOS 11 or later we use Safari. On Android devices we support Chrome and Firefox.

Web AR for Marketing

Web AR is a godsend for marketing professionals. With Augmented Reality you can bring a brand, product or story to life in the world of the user. A good AR experience quickly takes more than 20 seconds, quite a good result for an online brand interaction. Quite logical that many marketers want to use this in their campaigns, because unlike an app (the threshold for people to download an app) an online AR experience can easily be integrated into an existing campaign.

Web AR for in construction and architecture

With AR for your browser, you can give various target groups within a construction project insight into the construction project in an efficient and easily accessible way. At the exact location of the project, you can give visitors to the city, local residents and involved stakeholders an insight into what the project will look like.

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