Marketing & Sales

Bring your story or product to life

Immersive technologies offers plenty of opportunities for marketing and sales professionals. Especially Augmented and Mixed-Reality gives the opportunity to get the target group moving in a unique way, to seduce and connect with the brand, product or story being told. Want to know more? Send us a message and plan a free sparring session.


Brand and product experience

With technology such as AR or MR we can visualize products or even whole stories in 3D holograms in the physical space of the user. This allows us to better respond to the experience and stimulates the senses more than fleeting brand interactions. Add to that specific interaction or a game element, and the user is quickly more than 20 seconds engaged with your brand.

Product experiences that sell more

It is difficult for people to imagine a product in the context of his or her own environment. In other words, they cannot translate a 2D image in a brochure, video or on a website to their own situation. With AR or MR they can. Curious about what we have developed? Take a look at our customer cases below or plan a sparring session and we will show you.

Discover the possibilities of Immersive Technology

What will VR, AR or MR mean for your company? We will help you answer this question in an inspiring in-company workshop on Immersive Technology.


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