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Immersive Technology changes our world

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Immersive Technology is changing our world. It changes the way we design, make and sell products. It changes the way we train our people or how we share information and knowledge. The world of Immersive Technology is developing rapidly. But fortunately so are we. Whether it's VR, AR or MR. We are ready to help you further. By developing solutions that help train people, shorten business processes or help sell your product.

We combine creativity and immersive technology with a healthy dose of creator mentality. Our team consists of professionals in the field of concept and creation, (3D) design and Unity3D. BLUF helps companies in the field of training, marketing and sales and innovate with effective 3D experiences and solutions.

We are a small and close team and guide your company personally, flexibly and energetically. We get things done, work with you and simply solve problems. That is our promise! How can we help you?

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From idea to end product. Our creative team helps you with concepts, (3D) design, development and implementation.


Jan Luc Sandjans


Peter Dijkstra
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Wilco the Horseman


Jean-Paul Franssen

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