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Mixed Reality expertise and development

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With the advent of Mixed Reality and devices such as the Microsoft HoloLens, a completely new and challenging landscape has been created for almost every organization. We help these organizations to find their way in this Mixed Reality landscape. From the first questions and ideas, to the final application that will take your organization further. With a healthy dose of maker mentality we are ready for you.

Mixed Reality can add value in all sorts of places in your organization. The applications we have developed for the Microsoft HoloLens vary from sales and marketing experiences to industrial training and process applications. In what way will Mixed Reality help your organization? With an in-company workshop or a no-obligation sparring session, we are happy to help you!

Discover the possibilities of Immersive Technology

What will VR, AR or MR mean for your company? We will help you answer this question in an inspiring in-company workshop on Immersive Technology.

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